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Project TT

Project TT

This game comes with or allows:

  • Numerous Charts and Tables

  • Rules Written Based on the Seven Battlefield Operating Systems

  • Detailed but not Overbearing

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

V*************   Project TT  *************V

Project TT
  This game is going to cover battles at the platoon and section level.  TT presents the player with a tactical game that forces them to consider the effects of formations on units moving and stationary.  In addition there will be more of a focus on logistics and resupply.  In the advanced game players will be required to track ammunition, food, and fuel usage.  Resupply will need to be accomplished by sending trucks back to the battalion supply area, loading the supplies, and then driving them back and delivering them.  All this will take time and planning.  Another very serious focus will be on command and control.  There is a big difference between the commander and the operations center.  This game will help you understand how some of these relationships work.  Combat will be applied by a system of probability of hit, pH, and probability of kill pK.

Battle sizes will range from Company to Brigade sized actions.

There are some similarities to the Death Ride series, and players of that system will feel at home with this, and be getting even more detail and a more stimulating experience.


  • Units are platoons and sections

  • Losses are taken as individual vehicles and squads

  • Fire combat resolved as pH, pK

  • Use of formations

  • Ammunition and supply usage

  • Command and Control

Here are some units you will find in the game:
The front shows the vehicle type, unit name, and the number of vehicles

Game Scales are:

  • Game Turns are 10 minute turns

  • Hex Scale is 200m per Hex

  • Most units are platoons and sections

Price is $???? +
TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling


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