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Case Blue - Operation Wilhelm

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Armored Knights Case Blue - Operation Wilhelm

This game showcases the new and improved Armored Knights game system on the Eastern Front.
This game is the base game for the entire Armored Knights Case Blue Series.

This battle is the first of a set of preliminary operations that preceded Case Blue.  These were necessary to put the Germans in the right position to start the Case Blue offensive.  Getting into the right position meant being in the right terrain and eliminating certain Soviet forces.  The first preliminary official battle before Case Blue is Operation Wilhelm, and it is focused on the capture of the town of Ol'kovatka, and the elimination of the 28th Army to the west of this town.  The battle will involve making some river crossings of the Donets River.  Here is a snippet of the German 6th Army Area of Operations for Operation Wilhem:

This area may look familiar to some of you who are up on current affairs.  But the Germans have an armored pincer attacking from the south, yeah, from the area of that swamp?  And an infantry pincer attacking from the north.  This battle is not that big, for those that don't want a large game footprint.  But there will be plenty of Soviets and Germans to play with.  I am hoping to bring this title to you in 2023, and the Box Cover for this game looks like:

What will make this battle exciting for both players is that the Soviets will have the opportunity to attack with the 38th Army to relieve the pressure on 28th Army, and 38th Army has a Tank Corps to do that.

Moving around in this magnificent terrain and making the bold movements are the units of IIIPz Corps.  One of which is seen here:

Game Design by:    Chris Fasulo Sr and Robert Weebe
Map Artwork by:    Robert Weebe

Key Features                                                                     

  • (16) 11" x 17" game maps of the Ol'kovatka area

  • Numerous charts and tables

  • Restructured rules

  • Battalion level infantry, armor, and artillery units

  • Highly detailed without overbearing rules

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

The price for this product is $?? plus shipping and handling.  TX residents pay Sales Tax of 8.25%.
There is currently NO "official" pre-order available for $?? plus shipping and tax is appropriate.  No funds are required for a pre-order.


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