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North Afrika

Armored Knights

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The Armored Knights North Afrika - Operation Crusader Box Cover

Armored Knights North Afrika - Operation Crusader pits the numerically inferior but tactically superior Axis forces of Rommel against the British forces trying to open a route to Tobruk and free the trapped garrison there.  The game provides a framework for Operational level combat that highlights the interaction between the various combined arms elements present.  The game system uses a variable strength table that players use to determine how much benefit they get from the various different combat multiplying forces.  Engineers, Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft, Recon, Close Air Support, and Artillery all work together to enhance you chances of success.  And sometimes they don't do it right and don't work as well together as we would like.  This creates a great deal of excitement in the battle and makes you think twice.

The battle for Tobruk started on 18 November 1941 with the British moving 3 Armoured Brigades and a host of Infantry Divisions toward the port and perimeter.  Some were fast cruiser tanks and others were faster American built Stuart tanks.  The British would get a jump on the Germans and Rommel would be slow to realize there was a major offensive underway.  There would be a number of major engagements to include two battles for the Sidi Rezegh Airfield, one for Bir El Gubi, where the Italians turned in a good account of themselves, and Rommel's famous Dash to the Wire.  His dash was a failure, but he recovered in time to fight  successful second battle for Sidi Rezegh.

This game comes with, in full color:
(16) 11x17 map sections of the area of North Afrika covering the battle and also the May 1942 Gazala Battle
Rule Booklet

Price is $150 + TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling

The Armored Knights North Afrika - Operation Venezia Box Cover

Armored Knights North Afrika - Operation Venezia allows you to plan and fight the bayyle that won Rommel Tobruk.  It was a close and at the same time complete victory for Rommel.  His forces made their way around the flank of the British Gazala Line and met with initial success.  But after a few days the Germans found themsleves encircled by a strongly entrenched British Brigade, the 150th, which sat astride the German supply route.
Rommel came close the throwing in the towel, within about a day, before clinching success by finally forcing the 150th Brigade to surrender first and open the supply route.  Immediately after beating the 150th Brigade the Brtish armour decided to make a final effort to beat Rommel in the Cauldron.  They failed and Rommel turned the tables on them.  So much so that almost 90% of the remaining British armour was destroyed and gave Rommel his opportunity to take Tobruk and move past the Egyptian frontier wire and towards Alexandria.

This game comes with, in full color:
Rule Supplelement with specific Gazala Battle rules

Price is $90 + TX Residents 8.25% Tax + Postage and Handling


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