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I would like to make the following clarification for those interested in this series.

This note applies to the XLVIII game set (GD, 3Pz, 11Pz, XLVIII Enhancement):
These games were designed to be used all together.  In other words, you should have all the 'original' games for the game set, OR all the newly updated games for the game set.  They were NOT designed to be used in a mixed set manner.  For those who have the 'original' versions of these games it will be cost effective to make sure you have the new style maps, a $110 purchase.  Buying the updated games, such as just 11Pz, without buying the newer GD will leave you disappointed because there are features in the newly updated games that will not be completely compatible with the 'original' version.

And for those that simply download the newer version 2.2 rules from the CSW Death Ride Kursk folder header area should understand that when using those rules with the 'original' game set there will be features that are new and will not be able to be used.  But there are many new clarifications and items that will improve your game play experience.

Death Ride Kursk is the most ambitious project GSI has undertaken.  The project is a series of monster games encompassing the entire southern front of the Kursk operation.  The series is broken down into 3 separate and distinct sub-sets of 3 games each.  That means the total series is comprised of 9 games.  Each game has a different number of maps and focuses on a different German Division.  The 3 sets are broken down into the 3 different Korps Areas of Operation (XLVIII PzK, IISS PzK, and III PzK).  The image states "The Monster Game of Monsters".  What this means is that each game in the series is a monster game of its own.  Putting them all together, and you can, is a Monster Game of Monster Games.

Each Game Set has a Base Game that includes the rules, charts, and other game system components that you will need to play the game.  The other games in the Game Set are expansions and need the Base Game to be played.

The current plan for completing the entire series is to have all the 8 games completed by 2018 in time for the 75th Anniversary of the battle.  At CSW 2016 we showcased the revamped XLVIII Panzer Korps games.  At CSW 2017 we will have the III Panzer Korps games completed.  And at CSW 2018 a massive 8 game all inclusive playing.

This image of the game breakout shows the specific maps associated with each game.  Information and images are subject to change.

All Death Ride Kursk games come with or allow:

  • Numerous Charts and Tables

  • Rules Written Based on the Seven Battlefield Operating Systems

  • Detailed but not Overbearing with 4 levels of game play

  •     Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Ultimate

  •     Each level is clearly marked and enhanced rules are all included and color coded for ease of understanding

  • There are a variety of scenarios, large and small (counter counts and map footprint)

  • The Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements are built in to each game

  • Task Organizing at the most basic level

  • Each 3 game set will have its own separate Enhancement package for Air/Maintenance/Logistics

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

V*************   Death Ride Kursk Game Sets  *************V

Death Ride Kursk - XLVIII PzK:  These games have gone through a considerable update.  THESE GAMES ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE 'Updated 2016' MARKING ON THE BOX COVER.  THEY ARE CONSIDERED VERSION 2.  THE UPDATED MASTER RULES ARE LABELED VERSION 2.5.  If you have the existing games nothing is changing that much that you need to get new stuff.  Maps and Scenarios are the main items being updated.  A few counters will be updated to reflect their strengths better, but nothing that will affect game play to any real degree.  We have re-releasing all 3 games and the Enhancement package and brought them up to the same standard as the IISS games we released in 2014.  The games are:

Gross Deutschland -
Base Game
3rd Panzer
11th Panzer
XLVIII PzK Enhancements


Death Ride Kursk - IISS PzK:  This game set was redesigned with considerable care.  THESE GAMES ARE CONSIDERED VERSION 2.0.  THIS GAME SET STILL COMES WITH THE 2.0 VERSION OF THE RULES.  Virtually every component has some improvements.  The maps have been improved, the charts and tables, and especially the rules.  These changes were made with only one thing in mind.  A better customer experience.  The games are:

Totenkopf -
Base Game
Das Reich
IISS PzK Enhancements


Death Ride Kursk - Armee Detachment Kempf:  This game set has been designed and is now getting a more thorough detailed design.  The set will have 3 games specific to:

III Panzer Korps -
Base Game
Korps Raus
AD Kempf Enhancements



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