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Case Blue - Manstein's Baton

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Armored Knights Case Blue - Manstein's Baton

This game is all about the month long attack by then General Manstein to take the port, and strongest fortress in Europe, Sevastopol, in the Crimea.  This battle was very unique from the standpoint that it involved a proper seige battle against some very strong forts.  The Germans brought out some of their finest seige guns against these forts.  Guns from World War I, and some newer ones.  The more asterisks there are the heavier the gun.

             Gamma                                       Karl                                           Dora
              420mm                                         600mm                                       800mm          Shell size   <-----

These units were not very effective either and threw volkwagen sized shells at the Soviet forts without hitting them very often.  When they did hit they did some significant damage.  AKCB-MB replicates this with some To-Hit-DieRolls which are expressed on the backs of each gun unit:
  They are based on sets of d6 die rolls with possible DRM adjustments.  If you pick up some written accounts of the bombardment period you will find that these guns missed the target forts by hundreds of feet consistently.

Once the bombardment is complete the troops have to go in and make assaults to take ground, and against this firmly dug-in enemy it takes a long time and many casualties.  As it is the Germans started with some very reduced divisions, but Manstein did not let up, and with heavy Luftwaffe support, the Soviet defenses slowly crumbled.

Here is a small sample of our field of battle:

Sevastopol lies at the bottom left of this map.  The map is scaled so that we can fight this battle better in the close quarters that it's in.  We have divide each larger hex into 3-4 hexes.  Therefore this is a blowup map of the Sevastopol area.  

Game Design by:    Chris Fasulo Sr and Robert Weebe
Map Artwork by:    Robert Weebe

Key Features                                                                     

  • (??) 11" x 17" game maps of the Sevastopol area

  • Numerous charts and tables

  • Restructured rules

  • Battalion level infantry and artillery units

  • Highly detailed without overbearing rules

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

The price for this product is $?? plus shipping and handling.  TX residents pay Sales Tax of 8.25%.
There is currently NO "official" pre-order available for $?? plus shipping and tax is appropriate.  No funds are required for a pre-order.


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