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Guderian Crosses the Meuse 1940

Armored Knights

Armored Knights - Guderian Crosses the Meuse 1940

This game showcases the new and improved Armored Knights game system on the Western Front in 1940.


Here is the Box Cover:

Here is a sample of the "current" units for the game:

There are still some things being ironed out with the design and some additional playtests planned for this winter.  What you see above are Artillery Battalions, ranges shown in
red, Armor is in Half Battalions with an armor rating shown in yellow, Anti-Tank, HQ, Engineers, Motorcycle, Mech Infantry, Recon, and Leaders.  The MI counter is a capability that is used, and the bridge is deployed.  This is your typical 1940 German Panzer Division, although most don't half Mech Infantry, but only Motorized Infantry.

This game is focused on Operations, but provides some tactical flavor for those who find it fun.  One of the major changes to the game system is the move from variable strengths to die roll modifiers for combined arms.  Movement and combat are now tied directly together.  There are Hasty and Deliberate Attacks.  Each uses different amounts of movement points, Hasty Attacks occur immediately and Deliberate Attacks occur last.  This allows players to push their forces through the enemy defenses and create those breakthroughs that made the Blitzkrieg what it was in 1940.  Players need to manage their forces into well balanced elements of all arms in order to get the maximum of die roll modifiers in their attacks.  National Morale is also a factor and Proficiency is a factor.  Proficiency is a great thing and provides for some wonderful events that put some heart stopping moments into both sides engagements.  If you are familiar with Grognard Simulations Death Ride series games Operations Phase you know how open it is and it allows you to shape when things happen.  I now bring this feature to Armored Knights and allow players to shape the battle here.

Game Design by:    Chris Fasulo and Robert Weebe
Map Artwork by:    Robert Weebe

Key Features                                                                     

  • (4) 11" x 17" game maps of the Sedan area

  • Numerous charts and tables

  • Restructured rules

  • Approximately 600 Die Cut Unit Counters and Markers

  • Battalion level infantry and artillery units

  • Highly detailed without overbearing rules

  • Excellent Solitaire Play

The price for this product is $110 plus shipping and handling.  TX residents pay Sales Tax of 8.25%.
There is currently a pre-order available for $82.50 plus shipping and tax is appropriate.  To pre-order, send an email to and specify this game, and your mailing address.  No funds are required for a pre-order.


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