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Death Ride   The Death Ride series is our Platoon and Company level combat games.  There are 2 small introductory games and 2 larger sets, Kursk, and Salerno.  Follow this link to a Video Review by Marco Arnaudo of Death Ride Hafid Ridge.

Pacific Islands Campaign   This series focuses on battles for different islands in the Pacific during World War II.   It has detailed Orders of Battle and units are Battalions down through Platoons.

Armored Knights      These games are made for operational level battles.  Units represent Battalions and Companies and there is a focus on combined arms and variable combat strengths.

Incredible Courage at    Napoleonic battles at their best.  Companys and Squadrons with variable strengths and Highly Detailed Command rules that will leave you wanting more.

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*** New *** Die Cutting Service for individuals

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All GSI games have well written rules, come in a very sturdy box, and will provide you with great value for your hard earned dollars.

No GSI game will go 'Out of Print'.


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